The Lesser Evil

Don't get me wrong. We should celebrate the defeat of Donald Trump. One of the most dangerous criminals in history (too harsh? the environment disagrees) has been defeated by a democratic election. So let's celebrate, but let's also not forget one crucial point. Trump and Trumpism didn't arise in a vacuum. And please don't tell me that "people in America are stupid". That doesn't cut it, folks, let's try to be smarter than that.

The rise of Donald Trump was made possible by decades of neoliberal policies that completely destroyed the prospects of a decent life for the average American. Trump's supporters are right in not trusting the political establishment, because the political establishment fucked them over, time and time again. Tragically, the orange buffoon, backed by the Republican Party, managed to convince them through an unprecedented propaganda campaign (backed by Facebook), that he really was anti-establishment, when in reality Trump has done everything he can, quite literally up to the almost irreversible destruction of the environment, to enrich his real constituency: the super rich.

What did the Democratic Party do to stop this? Absolutely nothing. Worse than nothing, it actively prevented the only sane person in the US Senate, Bernie Sanders, from having any real chance of winning the presidency. And let's be very clear: Bernie Sanders is no radical. In any sane political discussion, his policies would be considered moderate. Even more than that, just common sense. The idea that people should not have to choose between going to the doctor and having food on the table is not and should not be a partisan issue (same with climate change). These are basic human rights that should be uncontroversial in any civilized country.

And still, the Democratic Party refused to hand Bernie the nomination, twice. Even though early reports showed that he was more popular than both Clinton and Biden. So why is that? The reason is simple, elementary even. The democratic party's constituency is really the same as the republican party's: the super rich. And the super rich don't want to be taxed, and they don't care if people die because they don't have healthcare or free access to a COVID vaccine. As long as they have their profit, they are content. American politics is quite literally held hostage by big corporations, and they would rather risk to have a fascist in the White House than a moderate like Bernie.

I normally don't endorse "lesser evil" arguments, especially in politics. I think that mainstream parties invariably reflect the interests of the institutions which fund them, i.e. big corporations. So there's really no discernable difference between them. I make an exception in this case, because the Republican Party seems bent on the destruction of the entire human race for profit, while the democrats have shown support for the Green New Deal, which is still too mild for my taste but it is something at least.

So let's celebrate, yes, but let's also not forget who Biden&Harris are. They are not friend of the people. If you need to be reminded who these people are, here's a summary from Lowkey: